This is Lucy



I wrote and illustrated this book as a response to the political gamesmanship that has led to a crisis of rejected and misunderstood masses the world over. Lucy, a Panamanian street dog longs for a better life.  A life with less uncertainty, hunger and fear. She joins a caravan of likeminded dogs headed for the U.S, but once there she is faced with the challenges that come with a new country and unfamiliar surroundings. Language, customs and other issues cause her to go inside herself and hide. An unexpected event however, makes her differences her strengths. She saves the day and finally finds the community and home she was seeking.

Using the filter of a dog seeking belly rubs and an indoor bed, I hope to inject some empathy into the conversation. We all seek a better life for ourselves and our loved ones. Today’s kids are tomorrow’s voters, so here’s hoping they remember our heroine, Lucy, when they are of age to change the world. There are no borders on freedom, opportunity, safety, and hope.

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